Greek web designer, web design, John Efstathiou
Web designer, Web design, John Efstathiou
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Greek web designer, web design, website design, John Efstathiou, Athens, Greece

He was born in Athens - Greece in 1975. Creativity was always one of his strong points, even as a child. Growing up he decided that he needed to feed his creativity so he joined a private Graphic - Web Design College in Athens. This helped him to explore his possibilities and expand his talent to its limits. He already had his 1st job as a Web designer even before graduating. As he gained more and more experience designing websites he switched companies searching for that "something else".

His search ended as he realized that he needed something new and something more interactive to "play around" with. So he decided to make a career modification and create x2interactive web design agency.

Working for more than 8 years in the web industry, John Efstathiou has proven his abilities as a Web Designer and then as a Creative Director. Like his partner, he has been awarded many awards for his work. He is resourceful and a man of his word. Reliability is his best point. Clients trust him and he delivers. Very good at team leading and proactive thoughts.

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